A unique trio comprised of Piano, Trumpet, and Cello that prides itself on being different than the traditional trios. With a mission of providing high level music of different genres, Apana Trio began as a chamber music group of 3 close friends, Sara Doan (Piano), Dan Kiley (Trumpet), and Javier Betancourt (cello) who met at The University of North Texas.

As both musicians and educators, the 3 musicians are committed to connecting with their audience not only through their music, but with the addition of teaching the audience about the music being performed. Faced with the challenge of limited literature written for this combination of instruments, we carefully strategize what we will perform along with reasons for performing each selection. Needless to say the selecting of our music will always be a point of conversation, hence our desire to change things up a little from your traditional performance.

Please take the time to view our youtube video from 2013 of the Lyric Trio. Here is what composer Carson Cooman had to say about this performance:

"I thought you all did a really excellent job with the piece! It has the needed expressivity and character, and you three play as a group very well indeed -- all instruments well-blended. Thanks to you, Dan, and Sara for a very fine performance!"