Listen to this...

So during a lesson today, I brought up the piece "Kol Nidrei" and remembered this clip.

This 1662 Amati cello (The "ex- Leonard Rose") that Gary Hoffman performs on, is the most beautiful cello I have ever had the pleasure of listening to Live. We heard Gary perform around '02 or '03 and got to meet him as he is friends with my cello teacher.

The piece demonstrates the beautiful voice and extensive range the cello is capable of. The subject matter of "Kol Nidrei" is a traditional Jewish prayer in which you are begging to be forgiven of your sins. If you pay close attention to the piece, you clearly hear the transformation of a sorrowful mood into a more calming, re-assuring feel, painting the picture of a person's transformation after prayer. Enjoy this beautiful piece. Feel free to comment.