Encouraging Students to be Music Majors

With the harsh realities of today's orchestral musician, it has usually been difficult for me to talk about the positives of being a musician, especially when parents ask. It's so discouraging to hear the whole "My child should get a REAL degree" bit since a music degree is one of the hardest things to obtain.

While there is an incredible misconception that musicians "starve" or simply can't make it, I would kindly ask you to read the article posted below. As someone who has made a living in the music industry for well over a decade, I can proudly say it's Great!! Since I have been working in music full time, going to work with a positive attitude has been very easy to do. While I don't fall under the highly coveted, lucrative side of things, my life in music thus far has been an amazing journey. While my annual income may not be something to brag about, the difference I make in kids everyday and the opportunities I continue to have, can easily fill up countless nights of conversation. I really am blessed to do what I do. Reading the article below should encourage any student looking to major or be involved in music as a career.

Source: http://musicschoolcentral.com/seven-reason...