Nobody Told Me...

There was more to teaching than showing a kid how to play an instrument. Quite frankly there is a whole lot more to it. This is coming from a private teacher who is not in charge of an entire music program. As involved as I am with the current middle school I teach at, I have witnessed way more than I would have ever imagined! Keep in mind the majority of my training involved performing, so I always imagined an ideal classroom. I'm not here to burst anyone's bubble, but let's face it, there's no such thing as a "Perfect" class.

The article below outlines some great things for those who are wanting to pursue a career in Music Education. Is the music world competitive? Absolutely it is. However, there's an incredible feeling you get when you make music with students every day, while helping them get better. I highly encourage ANY musician (major or not) to take a look at this as it could get you an edge. Enjoy.