Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to practicing, students are not always taught exactly how to go about practicing from one minute to the next. They are given some tips on how to resolve certain issues and are told to practice. As teachers however, many of us have hit some key points on how to practice, but that all depends on what the problem happens to be at a given point. It's simply impossible to practice with our students during their lesson, we help them resolve issues that allow them to break through and get better.

The article below is a very useful tool on how to practice effectively. I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that I have hit most, if not all of these points with every single one of my students. Parents this will answer the ever so famous question about how much time your child should be practicing. Remember that Quality over Quantity is a very important concept especially when it comes to our practicing. As always, I'm more than happy to help resolve my students' problems when it comes to their playing. In regards to practicing problems, the solution is right here. Keep it handy and please be sure that both parents and students read this article. It will help with solidifying a good practice regimen. Enjoy.

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