Spontenaity can be ok

As long as I can remember, I have always been someone who plans ahead. Sometimes I tend to think too far ahead but regardless, I'm a planner by nature. When a very unexpected opportunity arose last Sunday, I decided to give it a shot. My friend had invited me to hear rock band "Queens of the Stone Age" at The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio the next day. Since I had nothing planned for my Birthday on the 14th, I figured spoiling myself (at very little cost) was a good choice. As you read on, it was a great choice!

The decision to change my schedule on the fly, led to a positive series of events that I would not have expected. As it turns out, accepting the concert ticket meant that I was also willing to spend the night at a very nice hotel that was paid for; El Tropicano on the River Walk (Elvis stayed there!!) was a very nice hotel. It was looking like my Birthday week was going to start off right.

Once I was fully committed to this adventure, it was time to call my friend/recording engineer/ producer for my Bach recordings, John Silva, to let him know I was going to drive through Austin. As it turns out, he was going to the QOTSA show on Monday as well!! Not only did this give us an opportunity to meet up, but he suggested we go to the studio on Tuesday to get a little work done. Seizing the opportunity to make this a business expense (write off!!) I agreed and thus another positive from my spontaneous decision.

When Michael emailed me the tickets that evening, it was official! So like every good social media user, I posted my plans to go to the concert on Facebook. My cousin Kike Alonzo immediately responds that he was going to be working in San Antonio for a few days, and we should meet up for lunch on Tuesday. Wow, all of a sudden family time gets thrown into the mix, this is great!! Not only did we get to have an adventure together, I almost ran out of gas, but he picked up the tab at lunch as an early Birthday celebration! More positives to the trip, this was a great decision!

The moral of the story here is that sometimes it's ok to simply go with the flow and veer off the plan. Situations can call for a sudden change in plans, and it's ok to adjust on the fly, I've experienced this in lessons. The fact is, sometimes there's an opportunity that presents itself and you simply can't pass it up, it's called taking a risk. It may be a calculated risk but either way you're never sure if the outcome will be positive until you make the choice and commit to it. When positive things occur due to this choice, that's when you know you were right on point.

Having a plan is important, but don't be afraid to take risks in life. You could miss out on some very cool things if you don't build up the courage to take risks. Such a valuable lesson was reinforced. What a Birthday!

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