Concert Review #2

The second concert I will share about is the one I attended last Saturday February 15th at Rubbergloves in Denton. The BoomBachs performed as a part of the "Thin Line Film and Music Festival" that was going on in Little D. Of course like any festival, this meant the set list was shorter than a show they would normally play. Either way the combination of good music plus the opportunity to listen to several of my Phi Mu Alpha brothers perform, meant that I was guaranteed a good time. I was right.

Rubbergloves recording studios is a small venue that usually packs a punch. What I mean is if you go there, it's going to be loud. Luckily the music I was in for wasn't anything harsh or incredibly loud, regardless I came prepared with earplugs because I was at the very front of the stage, supporting the boys.

The BoomBachs are a group of 7 musicians that obviously enjoy performing together. They have had a good bit of exposure around here and at the national level, winning a battle of the bands competition that rewarded them with Studio time and professional production in Los Angeles. They have already released a CD and are about to launch their second release this weekend! An album that I'm really looking forward to hearing.

With plenty of musicians on stage, several of them doubling on instruments, there was always something interesting going on be it music making or a little grooving to the music. This lively, energetic vibe is something very common in bands with young dudes in it. The tunes are catchy, very thick but most importantly, it's quality stuff. This is what you expect when you get a bunch of UNT cats playing together, quality music that will keep you interested. While I'm not one of those concert-goers that sings the tunes, I looked around to see some people singing as I stood around just bobbing my head grooving to the beats. It tells me the audience was engaged and ready to experience a very solid set.

The band members would be the best judge, but to classify them as a hip-hop, fusion-like jazzy band wouldn't quite be exact but it gives a description of what goes on. The hip-hop is in the lyrics which Adonias Wondeesson (A.D.) masterfully sings. He's a frontman with a laid back demeanor but charismatic (it happened to be his Birthday too, actually). Matt Westmoreland was throwing down some fantastic licks on his Moog keyboard that took me back to the UNT days. Matt certainly showed us what great textures you can get out of that rig by flying up and down with ease, taking full advantage of the effects on his keyboard. The rhythm section held it down very nicely. Bass (Dave Ferrel) playing seemed to be supporting the drumming (Terence Hobdy) so well that I couldn't help grooving all night. It was tight, kicking and always filling in with tasteful ideas. Nice thumping bass lines with creative drum fills and cymbal crashes will excite the music nerd in anyone. Connor Vetteto covered guitar solos and rhythm a good bit as well, shining brightly during his turn and complementing the rhythm section very nicely. Knowing when to bring things out and when to hold back can be a challenge unless you are a good musician and have played together for awhile. Connor was on point with both of those things. Manziel Bledsoe was tearing it up on sax and flute that I'm not sure we could do without him in this group. Woodwind instruments, specifically a flute haven't been this cool since Jethro Tull! Last but not least, composer Marcus Wheat on keyboard and trumpet adding yet another layer and a more traditional sound than the Moog, wrapped it all up in a nice bow tie!

Fact is, hearing music performed by young musicians is always exciting because there's a sense of confidence but lack of experience. In all honesty, with the caliber of musicians on stage, the youth gave it so much energy and life that inexperience wouldn't even be a word you would use to describe what they do. I really think these guys ought to be headlining on a regular basis. Perhaps this is why a Saturday 10 pm spot was very fitting for them. Would I go back to listen? I absolutely would.

Enjoy some of their work below and purchase their 1st and newest albums. Click the link!!