Trio Performance

In a previous blog I posted a full recital video of a performance my colleagues and I put on for Marcus High School. The three of us performers felt really good about our performance especially the trio portion. I decided to send the recital video to Carson Cooman, the composer of the Lyric Trio and he thought we played it well. In fact here's what he said:

"I thought you all did a really excellent job with the piece! It has the needed expressivity and character, and you three play as a group very well indeed -- all instruments well-blended.

Thanks to you, Dan, and Sara for a very fine performance!"

If this wasn't a big enough compliment, he followed up with an email asking if he could excerpt the video to show the trio portion of the recital. I think he did it immediately after I agreed to it because it's up on YouTube already!! Click the link below and take about 25 minutes of your time to listen. If the composer liked what we did, I'm sure you will too. I HIGHLY encourage you to comment on the YouTube link. Enjoy!