Video Clips!!

On Sunday night June 8th, I had the pleasure of performing in a quartet for a fundraiser benefitting the Fort Wortn Contemporary Music Fund. The group of friends I performed with was Mark Landson & Jocelyn Hund on Violin and Imelda Tecson on Viola. I really stress the fact that I had the pleasure of doing this because the 3 of them had already performed this piece with a different cellist. Since I was out of town, without a cello until Saturdsy night, I had to learn music, have a rehearsal, and then play the gig all in one day!! It was quite exciting and very fun for sure.

Below is a video of one of the movements of last nights piece, "Visions of the Virgin" by Kermit Polling. This movement, #2 Our Lady of Guadalupe is what you will listen to. Hopefully more to come, stay tuned and Enjoy!!!