Great Minds Think Alike?

We have all heard it and said it dozens of times, "Great minds think alike".  So why did I put a question mark in front of a statement we all so confidently say? I wish I knew the answer to this because quite frankly I'm not sure this statement is factual. In fact, the link below provides a lot of interesting data  that shows us how the greatest minds in our history spent their time on a daily basis.  It sort of makes me feel like a slacker when I see Balzac's routine.  Goodness gracious that guy was a work horse. And Kant, what a Bum!!!  Well, not really. I shouldn't say that about one of the greatest philosophical minds of our history.  Seriously though, this interactive graphic is very insightful and quite fun.  So fun that I've been messing with it for 30 minutes when a simple 3 minutes could've done it. Oh well, long live nerding out. Enjoy!