Musicians Are Smarter?

I asked the question because otherwise I will sound biased. After 20+ years of playing cello I can safely say that I feel well qualified in my field. I feel that anyone with this amount of experience in their field should feel competent. Admittedly though, I feel like I'm "with it" on a day to day basis more consistently than others. Wether I'm playing the cello or not, I tend to think and function a little different than others because of my years of involvement with music.

What we do in music is so unique, that all parts of our brains are engaged. The benefits of thinking like a musician are so incredible that I couldn't explain it better than this animated video below. For years I have thought of playing music as a non-stop party! It's funny that there's a video out there that FINALLY supports this crazy thought of mine!! Enjoy the short video.