Just Make Music

For those of us that have gone through a music program in school or outside of school, it's inevitable there's a concert etiquette we respect and follow. This holds true for the way we perform too. We have been trained to do things a certain way, and that's ok since we need a sense of flow and correctness. However, when something you typically do in a formal setting breaks all the rules, it can be quite inspiring.

This was the case for the California band, "Local Natives" who is featured in this video. I got into them a few years ago and have been following their work since. I even got to see them in concert last October at the House of Blues. What they do live is fantastic and the video supports my claim. My favorite message about the video is how it's important to break out of the formal setting every once in awhile and simply come together to Just Make Music. It's sad for those who feel it always has to be formal as they may not ever know the feeling of what it's like to put a smile on a person's face with such a simple thing. After all, let's not forget there once was a time when performance halls and performance practices weren't so formal. Musicians simply played to entertain and show people a good time. This is a great example of the effect you can have on others by simply playing. Enjoy.

Source: http://youtu.be/6hhE_sqJG3g