Students you can read the article on the link below too. However, this blog focuses on the parent. I have been asked in the past, "How do I get my kid to practice?" I've suggested fun music books from the music store (movie music, guitar hero music, or even downloadable music online), using pop songs to practice counting and subdividing. These are things that are helpful in getting them motivated to play. However to be frank, it is a single-teacher's point of view. I am not a parent, and my nieces and nephews live very far away from me. While I get to know your kids through the lessons we have, the parents are the only ones that truly know the students' practice habits at home (or lack thereof).

At last, an answer that helps me as a teacher but most importantly YOU as the parent, especially the non-musician parent. Below is a link to a great article that will help you in getting your kids to practice. I will be sure to refer to this post in the future so that together, we can continue to develop and share ways to help our students succeed and develop a love of making music. Enjoy the article.