Recommended performances

I wanted to take some time to advertise some exciting things happening at The University of North Texas (UNT) this week. In the past I have recommended checking out performances, especially live ones. Thanks to Modern technology, UNT allows you to take advantage of this for free!! For the past couple of years, they have offered Live streaming of their big performances such as the Symphony Orchestra, Wind ensembles, and Guest Artist performances (like Tom "Bones" Malone from the The Blues Brothers band, coming in October!). These are offered free of charge and allow you to enjoy a live performance from the comfort of your home. With my schedule being so busy, I have been able to take advantage of these performances quite often and it's so awesome!

The big concert I would like to point you to is the Symphony Orchestra concert happening this Friday at 8 PM. The great Rimsky-Korsakov's famous work, "Scheherazade" will be performed that evening along with a harp concerto. The cool thing about the harp piece is that UNT just received a donation to acquire this beautiful instrument, so you will get to hear it in live performance for FREE!!!

I can't stress it enough, free performances are something to take advantage of especially since these concerts are normally ticketed events. The link I am providing below will allow you to check out some of the upcoming events at UNT. The "live streaming" link on the right will not go live until 15 minutes before the concert so don't be alarmed if you can't pull anything up immediately. Though there are several performances to take advantage of before and after Friday, I recommend the Symphony Orchestra concert happening Friday at 8PM. I hope to get some comments on here if you check out the concert.