It Speaks

It's easy for me to say that the most beautiful language in the world is Music. Maybe because I have been involved with it for the majority of my life. Quite honestly, it's likely because we all understand it. No matter how we perceive what we listen to, music finds a way to speak to us.

I'm sure there are songs out there that you've heard dozens of times before but maybe never actually LISTENED to what it's saying. You've heard it so much that you've become desensitized to the message of the song. The best example I can think of is Beethoven's great Symphony #9, The "Ode to Joy". We have all heard this famous melody before either in performance,in a movie, or on a TV commercial. While we all know this simple melody, it's important to not overlook the great impact this Colossal work had in music history. Never before had a full scale symphony included a Choir singing along, this was a landmark. On top of that, the message is about brotherhood and the unity of mankind, yet we simply refer to it as the Ode to Joy.

Just like anything else, as you dig deeper into things and become more familiar, you begin seeing things in a different way much like Beethoven's 9th. Today, after listening to a song from one of my favorite bands, music spoke to me in a different way. Like the Ode to Joy, I had heard "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire many times before. It's a great tune that reminds us to stay young and be children at heart.

As several unfortunate occurrences have transpired lately (not to me but to loved ones around me), I had to really sit down and listen closely to this song several times. While the song offers the comforting line "someone, told me not to cry", it immediately triggered a huge gush of uncontrollable tears. In my opinion, the only way to truly be connected to or touched by something is when you can relate to it. While I highly encourage you to search out more music by Arcade Fire, I gladly share with you "Wake Up". Enjoy.