Must Watch

You will have to set aside 90 minutes, but the end result will be so worth it! The link you will click on below, will allow you to watch one of the best documentaries I have seen in awhile. It's about the late cellist Mstislav Rostropovich "Slava", who changed cello playing due to his abilities as a cellist. It's a great depiction of his greatness, suffering, and his ability to captivate people with his powerful voice... The Cello.

Around the 10 minute mark of this video, they talk about a historic performance in which Slava "Spoke" his most powerful words with the help of the Dvorak cello concerto. As a musician, this moment is very inspirational as it is an example of how powerful our words can be when we allow ourselves to be expressive with our instruments. Sometimes those words may not be so eloquent or technically perfect, but when they come from the heart, they can change the world.

Sure, we spend hours and hours trying to figure out the most perfect bowing, or phrasing so we can play it as perfectly as possible. Just don't get so caught up in the exactness of things, that you start losing your love for it. Absolutely, set high standards for yourself to achieve better things, but don't make perfection your priority, say something when you play. Work hard and regularly, but loosen up, have fun, and make music.

Students, colleagues, and lovers of music, I encourage you to watch this video as it will inspire you to be sincere with your craft. It might even make you jealous if you don't play cello (but of course we can change that if you take lessons with me). Most importantly, it will empower you to make a statement when you perform. If nothing else, it will take you into the life of one of the most beautiful artists that walked the planet. By all means let me know if you want to discuss it with me at some point. I hardly ever turn down a cup of coffee :) Enjoy.