1 Day to Give Thanks?

Every November on the last Thursday, it is American tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. A day where people plan an elaborate feast with friends, family, and significant others. Of course there are many who aren't fortunate enough to be around loved ones or even enjoy a meal on that day. I'm incredibly blessed that I was able to celebrate for several days, with family members, relatives, and really close friends. I had such a good time that I decided to stay an extra day because I really wasn't ready to leave.

I'm a person that likes to plan ahead and follow a routine, so making a spontaneous decision like that is not in my wheel house. This decision was made the day before I was supposed to leave, when I was having great conversation with my brother. We reflected on the great Thanksgiving Day we had spent together and were able to just talk life. Something that's hard to do considering we only talk on the phone due to distance and he's typically having to call me back due to the high volume of phone calls he receives.

The topic that sparked such great conversation was actually the impromptu visit that my godmother made on Thanksgiving morning in which we chatted over coffee, laughed hysterically, and shared breakfast together. Although we don't live near each other, social media has allowed us to be involved in each other's lives so as soon as she arrived, we didn't miss a beat. The thing that stood out with my brother and me was that even though she has gone through some incredibly difficult times, raising 3 kids on her own and putting them through college, she didn't resent anything or anyone for it. She just got after it; Resilience at its finest. She just flat out told us that she really likes to reflect on and talk about the good times, despite her struggle.

This really set the table for the Thanksgiving we had and the Friday cousin hang that we planned. Quite frankly, it opened up my eyes to what I've been closing myself off to and how I make excuses for not reaching out to family more often. It's truly a blessing to have the family I have because though some of us have had our rifts, we are still family and we should have each other's back. I was so thankful that we came together because we certainly don't do it enough. Our cousins had so much fun together that they've already planned another get together after Christmas in which unfortunately, I will not be at. It makes me very happy that this can become a regular event and not just an annual function since we don't know when we will all be together again.

My point to writing this blurb was not only to express my Thank You to the family and friends that helped me appreciate life this week, but to encourage others to be Thankful for what you have everyday. Though tradition dictates that we give thanks once a year, it's important to do it daily. We should quit thinking about the things we don't have and start counting our blessings as some people literally have nothing. So while this holiday may come and go, it's important to know that our Thankfulness should remain a daily happening. Considering our family has lost 2 of my cousins in the past 2 years, I'm very thankful that we were able to create beautiful memories together that will always remain with us. Don't let another day go by without saying Thanks for what you have and for the people in your life that love you.

Of course I couldn't close without sharing a song that is incredibly beautiful and sums up this week of vacation for me. Enjoy.

Source: http://youtu.be/Ovb_iRWcqsc