It occurred to me that I haven't posted a blog in a while. Needless to say life has been hectic with the usual teaching and a more beefed up performing schedule. With December (seemingly) fast approaching there's even more performing and less time for decompressing.

The fact is though, some of us cannot function without a busy schedule or a full plate. A dear friend said that to me last week as I was filling her in on what's been going on in my life. Having a constantly busy schedule seems to be a driving force in successful people and success is something I strive for. As a perspicacious person, I like offering answers and solutions so the more I do, the more I feel I grow.

While I agree that it's important to find something you enjoy and be good at it, I also feel it's important to try different things, be it hobbies, new foods, or even something you have never done before. Taking risks is an important part of learning.

In lessons with my 2nd or 3rd year students and beyond, I often challenge them to show me different options on how to execute certain passages. We help them understand that there can be times where there are more than one way to the solution. Having a clear understanding of all the options allows you to be better prepared. Most importantly, knowing all the options allows you to know the ideal one for you. It's the "Ice cream shop" analogy. You are allowed to sample different flavors before you commit to the one that's best suited for you.

With music, my palette is quite extensive and truthfully I listen to whatever the mood strikes me to listen to. A song that I enjoy, not only because of the video but because it's a great song is a classic. I'd rather not tell you what it is and simply encourage you to click the link. Enjoy :)