A New Chapter

Over spring break, I had the great pleasure of driving up to Nashville, TN to stay a couple of days with my first ever cello teacher and his family. They hosted me in their beautiful home right by a small pond surrounded by nature and deer, as I was there to shop for a cello. See, Dustin Williams (teacher) left the profession to study violin making in Salt Lake City. Long story short, he opened up "Williams Fine Violins" in Nashville, so he wanted to set me up with my new instrument.

Like any good shopper, I was able to play every single cello in my budget and found a beautiful golden cello that I named "Aurelia" which means "The Golden One". It's only been one week since I tried the instrument and I'm incredibly happy to have found it. Fact is, a better quality instrument allows musicians to improve. The cello I previously had, is an instrument that I came to college with. Needless to say that my skill had long surpassed the instrument's abilities and playing my new cello really exposes that.

What I was really Thankful for is all the wonderful people that contributed to my "GoFundMe" project, those who spread the word, and those who had been cheering me on for this to happen. I'm very thankful for Dustin who have me the VIP treatment and sent me home with a beautiful cello. I'm happy to say that up next is a recital to show off my new instrument. You can count on that happening as I have already been looking at the literature. More info on that will be coming soon. I will be posting pictures of my cello in the picture section.