It's Summer and I'm Bored

Parents, I know you have heard this phrase before especially during the summer months. Unless they are on vacation, with friends, or on the computer, your kids have "nothing"" to do". We all know this is a complete load of Bologna, since there's plenty of activities to do especially if you're taking lessons.

Those who have taken lessons from me know that I can always give you something to work on especially when I'm teaching you a new piece. While I do my best to present techniques in a fun way the truth of the matter is that practicing is the not-so-fun part of it. Students usually see practice time as a time to play through their music on their instrument. Fact is, playing your instrument is fun! When you practice, you're actually CONSTANTLY starting and stopping so you have the ability to fix and improve things that are not sounding good. You don't really play through things until practice has been achieved. This can be a lengthy process that actually allows you to resolve things much quicker in the long run.

The article on the link below is incredibly insightful and I approve 100% of this approach. I actually teach a good portion of these techniques to my students already. Interestingly enough, Robert Jesselson is a Professor I respect very much and I Love the fact this article states so many things that I have told my students.

Enjoy the read, it's incredibly insightful.