As the summer draws to its end and the New School Year gets going, there's always a great feeling of optimism in the air. Positivity, happy thoughts, good vibes, and just a sense of freshness that once again we get to put our craft to practice and strive to make it a better year than the previous. For educators and students alike, the start of a new school year means we will learn new things about ourselves and life in general. Our limits will be tested, challenges will be met, and sometimes obstacles will push right back. The important thing is to "Keep your eye on the prize" as they say, and keep moving forward.

I feel it necessary to mention that during times of adversity, always look back on your basics. Break things down and understand that you can only solve 1 problem at a time. You will certainly be faced with many problems to solve or overcome, but don't get caught up in "how much you have left to do" but focus on "what can I solve today, so I can make tomorrow a little easier". This means that if you chip away at things on a consistent basis, you will never feel overwhelmed. This means working on homework assignments while the information is fresh on your mind, as opposed to the night before it's due. It also means practicing what you learned in your lesson, on the same evening or the very next day.

Believe me, breaking things down and keeping things simple will allow you to "Keep your eye on the prize" as opposed to treading water and feeling like you're trying to keep your head above water. In order to meet your goals and achieve your dreams, it's important to work hard, believe in yourself and be motivated to better yourself each day so that you get one day closer to that goal. To put things in perspective, listen closely to Kermit the Frog's beautiful message on the link below. I wish all my friends, colleagues, and students a great start to this new school year. I look forward to being a part of your successes. All the Best!