Happy New Year

The new year is my favorite time because to me, it brings a fresh start. I'm always excited to face every new year with a different perspective. Sometimes it's all about going back to the simplest things, to remind us why we are doing what we're doing. I've felt a new warmth in my cello playing by playing long tones. That's right, playing open strings, trying to produce a full, resonant, and consistent sound from frog to tip. Yes, I have done more than play open strings, but going back to that sound is something I'm aiming for out of each note.

This is why I had to share the article (click below). It's incredible how music can affect somebody so much, even if it's one note that makes the impact. Enjoy this very fun read that will hopefully get you to think about how to approach your playing this year to make you a better player. Happy New Year!