Healing and Hope

In the 24 years that I've been involved with making music, I understand the healing it can bring. I've seen it in my life personally, in a hospital bed, in a refuge home for beaten women and children, and I've seen the hope it provides. Even if it means that someone won't have to think about the abuse for one more night, or they survive one more day before their inevitable demise, their is hope in music.

That hope can be colored in many different ways, but for me it's the clarinet that paints the clearest picture in a certain piece. In the 3rd movement of Rachmaninoff's symphony #2 in e minor, The clarinet is the epitomy of hope. Throughout this movement, you can hear the clarinet show strength through the sostenutos. You hear beauty as it floats ever so delicately in the clouds of romance. You hear some vulnerability as it gets enveloped in the thick, lush harmonies that the Great Russian Romantic builds throughout. At the end of the movement you finally here peace.

I would honestly suggest to continue on and listen to the last movement as that is what we want to look towards. You see, Rachmaninoff composed the second symphony after his first symphony was not a huge success. The lack of enthusiasm that the audience received the first symphony with, sent the composer to a dark place that he could not get out of. The devastation he had to deal with after his failure, forced him to dig deep and further than he ever had in order to create the masterpiece that he did with his second symphony.

As I was saying before, the last movement is what you want to listen to once you have let the beauty of the third movement sink in. The joy, the celebration, and the triumph come together in such a glorious way did it just sends jubilant feelings to your heart. It's as though the darkness allowed Rachmaninoff to imagine what real triumph was about and the man captures it so perfectly. This composition truly captures everything about the romanticism so well, that it can really be depicted as a great example of music from the romantic era.

In the current condition that we find ourselves, it will be important to understand that if we stay vigilant and true to our convictions, we will overcome any mess that comes our way. Love and respect one another and just remember the golden rule. Is that not taught anymore? I truly feel inspired to offer music as a way of healing and finding hope. If you click and listen to the link below, this is the 3rd movement I spoke of.

We can all use a little hope in our lives as we all are having to deal with our own personal battles. Don't allow yourself to feel defeated by those things, remember why we have music. Although it may be an idealistic view, music tends to touch lives at the right moment. You just need to open your ears and listen.

Peace and Love everyone.

Source: https://youtu.be/59cLZSkkjPA